Types Of Guitars

Types of Guitars

Visiting a music shop frequently is a great opportunity to familiarize with different types of guitars. The music salesman will allow you to try all models of guitars to identify their unique qualities. Then you can make a choice on which one to go for. But with this guide, you will be far much ahead in understanding guitar differences.

Guitars are divided into several categories such as; acoustic, electric, electro-acoustic, twelve-string, archtop, steel, touch, resonator, bass, and double-neck guitars. All these guitars have unique features that differentiate it from the others. These unique features are the determinants of guitar purpose in the music industry.

Acoustic Guitars
There are several types of acoustic guitars, one with steel-string, flamenco, 12 string, resonator, and another with nylon strings also referred as classical guitar. The steel-string acoustic guitars produce a metallic sound which is a distinctive component of several popular genres. Classical guitars are made of nylon strings, are mainly known for playing solo repertoire.

An acoustic guitar performs a wide verity of tasks and roles. It’s an ideal songwriter’s toll due to its portability and ease of use. Acoustic guitars have a personal and intimate quality, thus it best for small halls, private spaces and churches although not limited to amplification if to perform in a large hall.

Electric Guitars
There are also several types of electric guitars such as; solid body guitars, semi-acoustic, electric-acoustic, and an archtop.

The solid body guitars are the most versatile guitar thus the most played guitar. Depending on the experience, you can play indie, jazz, and blues to rock, country, and even heavy metal, that’s really cool. A semi-acoustic guitar needs to be amplified to project its best sound although its look is more like that of traditional electric solid body guitars.

With electric-acoustic guitars commonly confused with the semi-acoustic guitar in its shape, it’s basically an acoustic guitar. It sounds magnificent when plugged in or played naturally. On the other hand, archtop guitars whether acoustic or electric look the same. Its internal sounds blocks are built to give a mellow, smooth and warm tone adored by its players.

Bass Guitars
These are guitars that hot guys strap up to produce those deep and low tones which turn women crazy. They are four in number, the electric, acoustic, semi-acoustic, and acoustic-electric bass.

Many people opt for electric bass guitars if you do too be sure that you will need to amplify it. An acoustic bass guitar is less common compared to an electric bass guitar. This guitar depends solely on the sound holes to produce sound.

Also, semi-acoustic bass guitars are the new versions of the semi-acoustic electric guitar. A semi-acoustic bass is louder than electric bass guitar when played unplugged. A semi-acoustic bass guitar is built with the semi-hollow body where the sensors, pickups, and hardware is installed.

Small Guitars
Lastly, we have the small guitars although not the least group. Yes, they do exist in the music world. These small sized guitars are; traveler guitar as its name suggest, it’s a portable one used mostly by travelers.

The mini acoustic guitar is an alternative choice for travelers who might need to carry a guitar if traveler guitar does suit them. It looks like the traveler guitar although it’s smaller in size.

The tenor guitar looks like the ordinary six string guitar but has fewer strings and small in size. Its body is shaped like a concert acoustic guitar. It’s mostly played for its bright and twangy tones especially in folk music.
You might mistakenly judge a guitar by its looks. Remember they are all made with a specific interest and purpose. This is what has brought about the different types of guitar in the market. Your music interest and choice determine the kind of guitar to go for.